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Welcome Valentina!
January, 2023

Valentina Nesterova joined our group 
Computational Resources 
December, 2022

Additional resources 
Welcome Vlad and James!
August, 2022

Vlad and James are the first students to join our group! We congratulate Vlad on the prestigious Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship
Invited Talk at Solid State Ionics 23
July, 2022

Konstantin gave an invited talk at Solid State Ionics conference. 
NASA EPSCoR funding
July, 2022 
We are very grateful to the NASA EPSCoR program for supporting our research with a seed grant.
Senior Tigers Engineering Camp
July, 2022

It was a great pleasure for us to participate in Tigers Camp and talk with K-12 students about materials discovery and global energy challenges. 
XSEDE Research Allocation
January, 2022

Research projects will require a lot of computational horsepower over the next years. Our first NSF XSEDE Research Allocation was approved.
Hello world!
January, 2022
Our new group is starting at Auburn University!
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