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DMREF: Computationally Driven Discovery and Synthesis of 2D Materials through Selective Etching

Our Team

Auburn University
Prof. Konstantin Klyukin
Valentina Nesterova
Ana-Maria Stratulat
Kiandokht Pakravan (Prof. Beidaghi group)
Tuskegee University
Prof. Walter Malone
University of Arizona
Prof. Majid Beidaghi
Shang-Tung Chiang
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Prof. Vadym Mochalin
Jenis Samuel Jivi Jebaraj

Research Goals

The overarching objective of this project is to accelerate the discovery of novel 2D materials with diverse compositions through systematic studies and fundamental understanding of the factors governing the successful synthesis using electrochemical etching (E-etching). This process is based on applying an electric potential to metal or semiconductor surfaces separated by an electrolyte solution, which causes the surface to dissolve in a controlled manner. 


Our goals will be achieved through a detailed characterization and closed-loop integration of experimental and computational methods. The conversion of MAX phases to MXene will serve as a template to develop our E-etching process and predictive model, which will be subsequently employed to discover novel 2D materials derived from other 3D structures.

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